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Megan E. Byrd


With a varied background in photography, independent comic book publishing, and community based event organization, I look forward to combining my skills and passions to become an indispensable member of an organization equally dedicated to these endeavors. As Editor-in-Chief of Ladies' Night Anthology, I work closely with a dedicated team of editors to publish an annual comic book collection featuring emerging creators. This role requires organizing many collaborators, formatting the final product for print, and maintaining a clear vision for the publication from inception to publication. My most recent position as Lead Studio Photographer required managing a team in a fast-paced environment by meeting production goals and maintaining a high quality of work.


Creating Community: Hosting A Ladies' Night at Your Local Comic Shop

Moderated by Megan Byrd

Speakers: Anissa Espinosa, Caitlin Rosberg, and Lauren Burke

You may be friendly with the employees at your local comic shop, but how well do you know your fellow shoppers? How often do you talk comics outside of the Internet? Why does it matter? Learn how to build community and change your experience of fandom by hosting Ladies' Night.

Presented at C2E2, 4/26/14

Filmed and edited by Cameron Keleher

Fandom: Year One

Moderated by Megan Byrd

Speakers: Summer Sparacin, Lauren Burke, Caitlin Rosberg, and Keidra Chaney.

Entering the world of comics as a new fan can be intimidating. What books should you read? Where do you shop? What cons should you attend? What super secret, handy knowledge have you acquired that you wish you knew in your Year One? Join the Ladies' Night Anthology editors along with Keidra Chaney of The Learned Fangirl, as they share the wisdom they wish someone had bestowed upon them. Number one suggestion for our younger self? Read comics sooner!

Presented at C2E2, 3/18/16

Filmed and edited by Cameron Keleher

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